Green areas are becoming scarce especially within Kuala Lumpur. As a result, the well-being of communities/ residents are jeopardized by the increasing air and noise pollution as well as loss of recreational areas.

Bukit Persekutuan (Federal Hill), which is covered by an 18-acre secondary forest is one of the last sizeable green lungs in Kuala Lumpur. This hill which belongs to the federal government was once connected to Perdana Botanical Garden and Taman Tugu. With its prime location opposite the K.L. Sentral Commercial District, it is at great risk of being displaced by urban development. The community is potentially losing a natural air cleaner which reduces the urban heat, dust and noise.



This management plan proposes for UCF Bukit Persekutuan (red boundary) to be an integral part of the Kuala Lumpur’s remaining green network (green boundary) as stated in the KL Structure Plan 2020: KL Green Network. Further suggestion for a bigger green network is to include the Taman Tugu extension, Bukit Tunku and Taman Duta remnants forest (yellow boundaries).

By engaging the local communities, Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in partnership with Think City are to provide technical assistance and capacity building to conserve, enhance, and rejuvenate Bukit Persekutuan and turning it into an urban community forest (UCF), which will be a centre for learning about the environment, as well as a recreational and tourist attraction.

What is an Urban Community Forest (UCF)? 

All of the trees and vegetation within a town, village, or city make up the ‘community forest’. The community forest can include street and yard trees, parks, cemeteries, school grounds, and undeveloped green spaces. The urban community forest also contains wildlife, waterways, built roads and structures, and people. This is where most people in Kuala Lumpur live and work.

(adapted from the website of New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation)

Project Objectives

  • To create awareness, develop and mobilise local communities for UCF
  • To carry out biodiversity and building heritage survey and to demarcate the UCF
  • To develop nature educational facility and educational trails
  • To develop a management and conservation plan for UCF

Benefits of the Project

  • Conserve and preserve the green areas as well as the environmental, cultural and historical heritage of Bukit Persekutuan
  • Improve the property value around the area
  • Capacity building for local communities
  • Promote green awareness
  • Provide a recreational and educational centre for public